Our Approach

Organizations are as good as the people they employ, and the employees are as good as the capabilities they possess. Capabilities are not built overnight, but come through carefully designed continuous learning activities. People at every level in any organization have to continue learning to keep pace with the constantly changing requirements of work and life. In such demanding knowledge requirement, the most efficient way to impart knowledge in any organization is technology assisted learning. Axis-v has been in this field for a decade now, with an array of successful implementation of various learning solutions for many global companies across the world.

The most important component in our learning solutions is the ‘Learner’. Our emphasis has always been on how to engage the learner and create interest in them. All our strategies and instructional design methodologies revolve around this parameter of being learner centric. That is one of the reasons why the learning solutions offered by us are well accepted and appreciated by our clients and the end users. Our strength is in creating SCORM compliant contents which are highly engaging, efficient and yet cost effective. While our instructional designers come out with instructions tailor made to suit the profile of the learners, our course developers add value by combining the latest tools and technology with creative design to make them very effective.

We have been offering solutions for large global corporations and have the capability to handle projects end-to-end. With the experience of working with global corporations, our processes are fine-tuned to meet the global quality and delivery standards.

Our engagement models are transparent and flexible to suit the exact requirements of various clients.

The following are some of our service offerings:

eLearning consultancy

Our eLearning consultancy expertise ranges from identifying the requirements to end to end learning solution. We help the organizations achieve their business goals by putting in place an optimum learning strategy, considering the end users profile and their learning abilities. By employing an effective collaborative process with our customer in developing solutions, we are sensitive to the emergency and sustainability of training needs. `
We offer consultancy in the following areas:

  • Capturing organizational learning requirements
  • Gap analysis
  • eLearning- business case
  • Identification suitable learning methodology
  • Courseware development
  • Learning Management System
  • Project implementation
  • Monitoring

Learning Management System (LMS)

We specialize in customizing, installing and maintaining open source based Learning Management System, Moodle. We can also integrate many learning related applications to the LMS providing a single platform for learning as well as social networking requirements. Some of our integrations include Joomla based front end portal with back end Moodle LMS as integrated Corporate Learning Portal and payment gateway with Moodle LMS.

Our customized Moodle Learning Management Systems are being used worldwide. Some of the Moodle LMS installations, customized, installed and maintained by us, are listed below:

  • Acer Computers – Middle East
  • Acer Computers – Greater China
  • Acer Computers – Europe
  • Teel StratVisor- U.S
  • ShareKhan – India
  • Ashok Leyland – India
  • Training Central – India

Custom Content Development

With an excellent team of instructional designers, graphic designers and multimedia programmers and continuous engagement with technology and art, we are able to create courseware that provides the desired outcome always. With our media rich and engaging learning models, we ensure a positive outcome on the end users in their behavioral pattern. By amalgamating the entertainment value in learning process, we are able to provide powerful learning solutions to our customers.

We create courseware, based on the raw contents provided by the subject matter experts (SMEs) from the clients. Given the requirements, we can also source the content for generic subjects.

The broad process of our content creation includes:

  • Research
  • Source content organization
  • Course structuring
  • Instructional Design
  • Graphic and media development
  • Audio recording
  • Media integration
  • Testing
  • SCORM packaging

Web and Portal

Our web designers and technologists specialize in creating web sites and portals which are highly functional, aesthetically appealing and efficient in terms of usability. Our web designs are professional and trendy and help persuading the business enquiry to a new level. ,

We create web sites ranging from simple static sites to those with on-line applications such as product catalogs, ecommerce with shopping cart, order tracking, project management, customer management and so on. We also offer sites on content management platforms such as Joomla and Drupal.

Multimedia Presentations

We have a team of creative designers and talented programmers, who can create the most impressive multimedia presentations. We leverage our years of experience in communication and presentation to give the best impression on the target audience.

Be it corporate, financial, product or technical presentations, our team can bring out the perfect blend of aesthetics and application to churn out the most effective presentation that will communicate with your target audience and create the right impact on them.

Our Portfolio

eLearning Content Development
60% Complete (success)
Learning Management System
40% Complete (success)
Web & Multimedia
25% Complete (success)
English & Softskills Training
50% Complete (success)