Why Choose SkillsatEase?

SkillsatEase courses are simple yet effective. Conceived by highly experienced life skills trainers and created by experts in eLearning course development,SkillsatEase courses help the learners improve their knowledge and equip them with practical life skills to face the world and handle challenges with confidence… be it attending an interview or handling a tough situation in professional life.

Value for Money

With an objective of taking the knowledge to a larger section of people, SkillsatEase courses are nominally priced and offer a great value for money. SkillsatEase is the first step towards a student's professional life and it will help them learn the fundamentals for becoming successful in their corporate life.

Our customized Moodle Learning Management Systems are being used worldwide. Some of the Moodle LMS installations, customized, installed and maintained by us, are listed below:

Some of the topics offered are

  • Personality

    Personality Development, Body Language, Grooming, Etiquettes, Inter-personal relationship, Time Management Stress Management, etc.

  • Self Improvement

    Goal Setting, Motivation, Leadership, Effective Feedback, Team Work, Presentation Skills, etc.

  • Employability

    Resume Writing, Interview Skills, Group Discussion, Public speaking, etc.

  • Specific skills

    Selling Skills, Negotiation Skills, Handling Customers, Spoken English, etc.

On- line Certification

After completing the course, the learners can take an on-line test and get a valuable on-line certificate. Our endeavour is always to give the learners up-to-date and useful knowledge. With regular feedback form the learners, experts and industry, our content experts review and update the course content constantly making them current and relevant at any point in time. To view a demo for the SkillsatEase course, log on to