An efficient automated on-line test engine, TestAtEase is an effective tool for simplifying the laborious task of conducting tests and reporting the results. The tool can be used for corporate training or for educational institutions.

Major features of TestAtEase are listed here:

  1. Question Management
    • Online Question creation
    • Upload bulk questions to question bank (supports multiple input formats)
    • Categorize the questions based on the skills to be tested (Examples: Aptitude, General Knowledge, Logical, Verbal, etc.) Multiple level of the categories can be created
    • Randomization of questions  and answer choices
    • Types of questions
      • Calculated multiple choice
      • Calculated simple
      • Embedded answers
      • Essay
      • Matching
      • Multiple choice
      • Numerical
      • Random short-answer matching
      • Short answer
      • True/False
      • Description
    • Create Edit Preview Move and Delete the Questions
    • Publish exams based on the levels
  2. User Management
    • Add a new User
    • Upload Users
    • View the User List
    • Create and manage different roles
  3. Exam management
    • Manage Tests
    • Create, Modify and Delete Tests
    • Types of Tests:  Practice Tests,  Certification Tests
  4. Certification  Management
    • Certificate based on Single Test
    • Certificate based on Multiple Test
  5. Profile Management
    • Categorize users based on their type
    • Applying multiple filtering levels for the user
    • Examples
      •  For College Level (College, Departments, Year  and  Class)
      •  For School Level (School , Classes and  Sections)
      •  For Corporate Level (Company, Divisions, Branches  and Departments)
  6. Reports Management
    • Performance test reports
    • Certification based on single and multiple reports
    • View users list