Developed on a robust open source platform, TrainAtEase is an ideal Learning Management System that is efficient and highly cost effective. The feature-rich system is the result of our decade-long experience in understanding the varied requirements of corporate learning.

Some of the major features of this system include the following:

  1. User Management:
    • Add a new User
    • View the User List ( Modify & Activate/Deactivate Functions )
    • Bulk Upload Users
  2. Course Management:
    • Course Categories based on the Skills
    • Create Edit and Delete the Courses
    • Publish the courses with time limit for access
      • Course notification mail to the user group for whom the course is published
      • Periodic mail alerts to the users warning about the course expiry, in case the user has not taken the course
      • Escalation mail to the Manager of the user, in case the user has not taken the course on time
      • Published Course based on the Companies or Regions
      • View All publish course history (excel and pdf format)
  3. Catalog management:
    • Course Catalog
      • All the courses listed for the admin
      • Only published courses listed for the users
      • User can request course listed in the catalog
      • Courses can be categorized in the Catalog based on functions or subjects or skills
    • Review the course in the course catalog
  4. Exam management:
    • Create, Modify and Delete Exams
    • Certificate based on specific tests
    • Categorize the question based on the courses
    • Upload bulk questions to question bank (supports multiple input formats)
    • Randomize the questions and answer choices
    • Create, edit, preview and delete the questions
    • Types of question formats
      • Calculated multi choice
      • Calculated simple
      • Essay
      • Matching
      • Multiple choice
      • Numerical
      • Random short-answer matching
      • True/False
  5. Discussion Board (Forum) Management:
    • General discussion board
    • Discussion board based on the Courses
    • Add Attachment features (files or images)
    • View the search options and last posted date
    • Create a new discussion topics
    • View the discussion board (posted, replies, no of viewers)
  6. Survey Management:
    • Create the Survey and Add Questions
      • Create course based survey or general survey
      • Levels of rating questions and no rating questions
      • Types of questions:
        • Rating questions (Example: Best, Average and Good)
        • Ranking questions ( Grade Method)
        • Open ended questions
    • View all the Survey List
      • Edit Preview and delete survey
      • Archive survey
      • Translate (language) the survey
    • Publish survey based on companies or regions
    • View all Publish Survey List (excel and pdf Format)
  7. E-Article management:
    • Create general article or course based articles
    • View list of existing articles
    • Activate / deactivate the article functions
    • Article, upload the file based on the courses
  8. Master management:
    • Create a new company based on the region
    • Assign, view and delete the company lists
  9. Roles Management:
    • Create various roles and assign privileges : Example- Admin, Manager, HR and User
  10. Reports Management:
    • Course attendance report and status reports
    • Course-wise, user wise, region-wise, date-wise reports
    • Performance test reports
    • Issued certificate reports
    • Discussion board reports
    • Dashboard view
      • Course details status
      • Discussion board status
      • Training evaluation(rating) reports
      • Survey reports
      • User status and number of users login (Chat)
    • Customised reports based on the client requirement